Care Needs Solutions Pty Ltd adds a personalised touch to the traditional methods of disability care and accommodates for everybody.  


Who We Are

Care Needs Solutions Pty Ltd is a company that has been built on the passion for providing quality care for all participants under the NDIS Scheme. We're devoted, enthusiastic, caring and ready to accommodate most participants. 

We are a certified, community-supported organisation. Our supportive and nurturing environment strives to provide individualised choices for participants and their caregivers. 

How It Started

Care Needs Solutions was founded in 2019 by our Director Josie Roberts-Smith. She is a dedicated Registered Nurse who is passionate about bringing a unique and quality approach to disability care. Since the beginning we have been making quality improvements and expanding at a rapid rate. Since the beginning the founders have been committed to pursing and expanding the organisation to become an industry leader in delivery of NDIS supports. 

The goal is to provide exceptional, safe and person-centred support that is tailored to the individual participants needs.

Currently we provide participants supports under the NDIS scheme. However, we are planning to expand our involvement in the community within the aged care sector as the organisation grows.  

Our Vision & What Makes Us Unique

Our vision is to provide quality care for vulnerable members of our community. 

Above all, we strive for both our participants and staff's satisfaction in every area of our service.

A goal for our company has been to purchase property, suitable for our participants to reside in and use as an area to host events for community interactions. We now have property purchased and currently renovating them ready for use in the near future.

Care Needs Disability Care

Why Choose Us for your disability care?

At Care Needs Solutions Pty Ltd, we seek to provide the highest quality of care to those members of our community that require varying levels of support.  

We take responsibility in creating a safe, inviting and comfortable environment for all our participants to interact socially and develop new skills. 

Ready to find the solutions to all your care and needs?

“While I working in the emergency department, I unfortunately would have to bear witness to the results of neglect. Between myself and my business partner Brian, who was working for another organisation and was unhappy with the practices performed, we decided to do something to make a difference and help the community.”

- Josie Roberts-Smith, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Care Needs Solutions Pty Ltd

Care Needs Disability Care

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